Changes Have Been Made as New Complex Up For Vote

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The first bond vote did not pass back on April 4th of 2017 but with adjustments made the community looks to pass the new bond on February 6th. A year ago the community in Glenwood voted for a bond that was for 6 million dollars to improve Glenwood’s activity complex. The bond did not pass. A new bond vote for the activities complex will be on February 6th that is for 3.7 million dollars. Below is a list of facts on the details of the NEW adjustments on the new activities complex.


Glenwood Activities Director Jeff Bissen said the following on the new proposed bond:

“Many drive by the complex and see that we have a track, a grass field, bleachers, buildings and etc. and everything looks good from the road but in reality our track is 5 years past its 12 year life expectancy and is need of repair now. Our bleachers lack handicap accessibility & lack aqaduate seating on the home and visitor side. Our restrooms struggle to keep up with our game day crowds, we have to use a port a pot for handicap restrooms & the number of parking stalls we currently have do not accommodate the size of crowds we get when we host events. Our pressbox & concession stand are also in need of an upgrade to best accommodate our crowds & all those who use it.”


What has changed from April 6th to February 6th?

Glenwood schools will commit up to $200,000 a year for 10 years to the project.

Over $650,000 has been removed from the original proposal including the following: Field turf, two new pedestrian bridges and the standing platform on the home bleachers.


New project includes the following:

New track, home bleachers, expanded visitor bleachers, restrooms, press box, locker rooms, concession stand and main entry way into the complex.

Renovations to current GRASS field playing surface.

Additional parking at the middle school as well as a pickup and drop-off lane near the complex


Who will use the new activities complex?

Physical Education Classes

The Band program

All sports programs including youth programs

The elementary schools for their Track and Field Days and Hershey Track Meet


The community and visiting towns for spectating during football games, track meets, band competitions, cheer and dance performances

The community for exercising on the track and bleachers for sport or leisure

Old Bond Vote - $6 million

    Average assessed $123,000 Glenwood Home- $7.28 a month, $87.35 a year

New Bond Vote - $3.7 million

    Average assessed $123,000 Glenwood Home- $4.62 a month, $55.41 a year


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Assessed Valuation (avg. Glenwood home)     $123,000

x Exemptions and Rollback                         0.569391

= Taxable Valuation                                         $70,035.09

- Homestead Exemption (if applicable)         $4,850.00

= Net Taxable Value                                         $65,183.09

x Rate Increase                                                 0.85

=                                                                 $55,407.33

/                                                                 1,000

= Yearly Additional Tax                                 $55.41


Tax Levy for Glenwood Community School District over the last seven years

2011 18.29464
2012 17.36130
2013 16.98557
2014 15.34226
2015 14.53879
2016 13.69815
2017 13.74475

New rate if bond is passed will be 14.59475 (using the current 2017 tax levy numbers)


Have questions or want to learn more about the proposed activities complex?

Come to the Glenwood High School Auditorium on January 17th at 7:00 PM or Monday, February 5th at 6:00 PM.


Still have questions?


Facebook: Search “Glenwood Youth Action Committee

Twitter: @GlenwoodYAC

Phone: High School 712-527-4897