Glenwood State Wrestling Preview

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The Glenwood Rams are sending seven wrestlers to the 2018 State Wrestling Tournament. Senior Trevor Anderson 145, Senior Jordan Renshaw 152, Junior Brett Mower 160, Senior Anthony Sherry 182, Senior Kenny Lampman 195, Senior Isaac Bales 220 and Senior Caleb Sanders 285. Anderson, Sherry, Lampman and Sanders all won their district bracket over the weekend while Renshaw, Mower and Bales finished second.


The Glenwood individuals that qualified will wrestle on Thursday, February 15th from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. This session will consist of Class 3A first round and first round consolations. State wrestling will be at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa.


Friday, February 16th schedule. From 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM the Glenwood individuals still wrestling will compete in the Class 3A quarterfinals or Class 3A second round consolations. From 7:30 PM to 8:40 PM will be Class 3A semifinals and Class 3A third round consolations.


Saturday, February 17th schedule. From 10:00 AM to 2:15 PM the Glenwood individuals still wrestling will compete in Class 3A consolation semifinals and consolation finals. 6:00 PM will start the Grand march and FINALS for ALL CLASSES.

*All of the matches will consist of three, two minute periods. The state tournament is a double elimination tournament. Once an individual loses the best a wrestler can finish would be third.

For those of you who don’t know, the state tournament is NOT seeded. Below I listed first round matches for Glenwood wrestlers along with top ten first round matches for other schools (Glenwood’s weight classes). Enjoy and as always GO RAMS!



#1 Caleb Sanders (Sr. Glenwood, 41-3) vs. Justin Campbell (Jr. CEFA, 22-20)

#3 Nathan McDonald (Sr. WU 42-4) vs. #8 Cole Ernst (Sr. NSE 31-7)

#10 Josh Vis (So. CRK, 29-10) vs. #6 Griffin Liddle (Fr. BETT, 29-15)


#3 Isaac Bales (Sr. Glenwood, 36-6) vs. #5 Beau Lombardi (Jr. VWDM, 33-8)

    Winner of this match will probably wrestle #2 Greg Hagan (Jr. DCWD, 35-1) in round 2

#9 Gage Linahon (So. NEWT, 34-9) vs. #4 Drake Leek (Sr. NORW, 36-2)



Kenny Lampman (Sr. Glenwood, 21-9) vs. Dalton Sell (Jr. MUSC 31-12)

#3 Gabe Christenson (So. SOPO, 31-5) vs. #6 Brock Bortolotti (Sr. LECE 34-14)

#1 Tyrell Gordon (Sr. WAEA, 43-2) vs. #9 Ashton Stoner-degroot (So. PCR 38-11)



#2 Anthony Sherry (Sr. Glenwood, 30-4) vs. Zach Needham (So. DCG 35-14)

#1 Joel Shapiro (Sr. VWDM, 36-0) vs. Trevor Maiers (Jr. DUHE, 21-15)

    Winner of these matches will wrestle in the second round

#3 Brandon Tessau (Sr. WU, 30-7) vs. #6 Collin Hondred (Sr. ANCE 34-7)

#5 Joey Mitchell (Sr. OTTU 30-5) vs. #9 Braxton Bolden (Sr. CRJ, 11-2)



Brett Mower (Jr. Glenwood, 36-13) vs. #1 Nelson Brands (Sr. ICW, 51-1)

#2 Zane Mulder (Sr. DCG, 39-1) vs. #3 Jake Matthaidess (So. NSE, 37-5)



Jordan Renshaw (Sr. Glenwood, 35-14) vs. #8 Jacob Herrmann (Jr. WSR, 36-15)

#3  Lance Runyon (Jr. SOPO, 32-6) vs. #7 Kyle Hefley (Jr. ICCH, 41-2)



#2 Trevor Anderson (Sr. Glenwood, 43-3) vs. Elijah Demmer (Jr. EWD, 32-13)

#1 Cade DeVos (Jr. SOPO, 35-3) vs. #5 Elliott Pohlmeyer (Sr. JOHN, 37-9)

#6 Dalton Woodyard (Sr. WSR, 35-15) vs. #10 Matt Connolly (Sr. DUSE 37-5)

#4 Brock Parker (Sr. WU, 40-10) vs. #8 Collin Lewis (Jr. NSE, 32-3)