A Look Inside the NEW 2018 Football Schedule

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The IHSAA created new football districts that will begin Fall 2018.

    Class 4A: 42 teams, 7 districts, 6 teams per district; 4 non-district games per team

    Class 1A-3A: 54 teams, 9 districts, 6 teams per district; 4 non-district games per team

    Class A: 62 teams, 8 districts with 6 teams, and 2 districts with 7 teams; 4 non-district games per team in 6-team districts and 3 non-district games per team in 7-team districts

    8-Player: 65 teams, 7 districts with 8 teams and 1 district with 9 teams; 2 non-district games per team in 8-team districts and 1 non-district game per team in 9-team district


How to qualify for the playoffs?

  1. Only the district champion or teams tying for a district championship receive automatic bid.

  2. ALL NINE games count toward postseason qualification. (This is a first)

  3. Remaining at-large qualifiers will be determined by a Ratings Percentage Index formula. The “RPI” will use three criteria to determine postseason qualification.

    1. Team’s overall win-loss % (accounting for 37.5% of the index)

    2. Team’s opponents’ win-loss % (37.5%)

    3. Team’s opponents’ opponents’ win-loss % (25%)

Ties in final RPI Standings:

  1. Head-to-head result between the two teams

  2. Winning %

  3. Opponents’ winning %

  4. Opponents’ opponents winning %

  5. Alphabet Draw


IHSAA will publish the football RPI standings for the first time on Monday of Week 4.


The state asked each school’s activities director to pick seven non-conference teams and rank them 1-7 based on wanting to schedule a team. If two activities directors each picked their schools (1) they would 100% play each other in the non-conference. If school “A” picked school “B” as number 4 and school “B” picked school “A” as number 7; the chances of playing each other in the non-conference is less likely to happen. A little confusing I know. That being said, Glenwood has teams on their non-conference schedule that both Glenwood and the opponent school did not have on each others’ list.


Starting this fall Glenwood will play in a new district for the next two years. The district consists of Winterset, Harlan, ADM, Lewis Central, Creston and Glenwood. This year Glenwood was assigned Carroll, Sioux City Bishop Heelan, Kuemper Catholic and Dallas-Center Grimes for their non-district games.


Over the last three seasons, Glenwood’s 2018 scheduled opponents have won 154 games. Those teams have made 13 playoff appearances over the last three years and totaled 10 playoff wins. Impressive right?!


Below is a breakdown of the 2018 Football Schedule for (RPI Purposes) *Thanks Jeff for the statistics.


Statistics based on last three football seasons

Carroll 19 wins (2 playoff wins)

Sioux City Bishop Heelan 20 wins

Carroll Kuemper 19 wins (1 playoff win)

DCG 22 wins (3 playoff wins)

Winterset 12 wins

Harlan 19 wins (2 playoff wins)

ADM 6 wins

Lewis Central 22 wins (3 playoff wins)

Creston 15 wins (1 playoff win)


Glenwood fans should get to watch great football next season. GO RAMS!