State Final Four Girls Tennis Preview

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Today the girls tennis team took off for the final four of team state. The Final Four is located in Waterloo, Iowa at Byrnes Park. The teams with play their first round duals at 9:00 AM at Byrnes Park. The finals and third place match will be played later that day at 12:00. Glenwood qualified for the final four along with Waterloo Columbus Catholic, Cedar Rapids Xavier and Pella.


A week ago the final four coaches sat down and voted on the final four seeds. The seeds go #1 Columbus Catholic, #2 Cedar Rapids Xavier, #3 Pella and #4 Glenwood. Unlike individual state tennis, team state tennis is an actual dual. The team who gets five wins will be victorious. First the teams will send out all six singles players at once. IF a team earns five wins at the end of six singles matches the two teams won’t compete in doubles. If no team earns five wins after singles the two teams will play out three doubles matches (if needed) to earn five wins.


#1 Waterloo Columbus Catholic 11-0

#2 Cedar Rapids Xavier 17-2

#3 Pella 13-0

#4 Glenwood 14-0


Glenwood’s first round matchup is against what I think is the most dominate program in the state of Iowa in ANY sport. Columbus Catholic is going for their sixth straight state title as a team. Their program currently has 19 state titles. Impressive right?! The five time defending champions will feel even more comfortable on Saturday by playing in their backyard. Olivia Fain and Taylor Hogan (Waterloo Columbus Catholic) just recently won the Class 1A State Doubles Title. As much as I want to pick the Rams in a huge David vs. Goliath matchup it is tough for me to pick against Columbus Catholic when they play at their home courts and coming off five straight team titles.  


The other matchup between Cedar Rapids Xavier and Pella will take place at the same time (9:00 AM). I’ll take Cedar Rapids Xavier in this one as Xavier only lost 4-5 to Columbus Catholic earlier this season. Brooke Jorgensen of Pella recently finished third in Class 1A State Singles. Nina Marquardt and Emily Jasper (Cedar Rapids Xavier) just finished fourth in Class 1A State Doubles.  


Finals Prediction

Waterloo Columbus Catholic 5 Cedar Rapids Xavier 3

Third Place Match

Glenwood 5 Pella 4


1st Columbus Catholic

2nd Xavier

3rd Glenwood

4th Pella


No matter what happens this weekend the girls have already finished higher than any Glenwood Girls Tennis Team! Way to go girls and coaches! Play with confidence and play together.



Glenwood’s Lineup vs. Waterloo Columbus Catholic
Head Coach - Callie Ohm

Assistant Coach- Trent Turney

Singles Lineup

  1. Ellie Osterloh vs. Olivia Fain

  2. Brooklyn Taylor vs. Taylor Hogan

  3. Erin Stanley vs. Anna Sinnott

  4. Ruby Crow vs. Bella Fain

  5. Brielle Smith vs. Elysse Trost

  6. Sierra Stouder vs. Grace Sullivan

Doubles Lineup

  1. Brooklyn Taylor/Erin Stanley vs. Olivia Fain/Bella Fain

  2. Ellie Osterloh/Ruby Crow vs. Taylor Hogan/Elysse Trost

  3. Brielle Smith/Sierra Stouder vs. Anna Sinnott/Grace Sullivan