Weight Room Growth Building Success in Glenwood

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It’s that time of year to update all the Ram Fans on the current weightlifting records. Coach Faust is building a powerhouse in Glenwood. My hat goes off to all the 100 plus athletes who are getting into the gym EVERY WEEKDAY this summer. Many people around the area wonder why Glenwood has progressed in almost every sport over the last few years??? Walk into the gym during the summer. The Rams have one of the bigger weight rooms in the state and the room is filled every morning with Ram Athletes. Glenwood’s athletes are working on their craft everyday. Keep it up Rams, the time you put in now will show on between the lines next season.


Take Pride Being a RAM!


2017-18 Fourth Quarter Max Leaders

Five more boys benched 200 or more than in 2016-17. That number went from 63 to 68.

58 boys squatted over 300 pounds.

22 girls squatted over 200 pounds.

58 boys cleaned over 200 pounds.

62 girls cleaned over 100 pounds.


Glenwood Boys ALL Time Weightlifting Records

*Records were given to me by Coach Faust  


Caleb Sanders 388

JJ Hahn 385

Noah Carter 335


Caleb Sanders 602

Mitchell Stanley 500

Zachariah Brauch 482


Caleb Sanders 365

Mitchell Stanley 324

Dillon Wiser 324


Aaron Bertini 7.61

Anthony Sherry 7.73

Carter Von Essen 7.8

Vertical Jump

Christian Erwin 36.3

Aaron Bertini 35.6

Jon Lee 3.3

40 Yard Dash

Brady Weddum 4.56

Mavrick Decker 4.56

Austin Tye 4.63
David Mower 169

Nate Kennedy 166

Andrew Blum 160

Pull Ups

DeSean McVay 102.5

Josh Lee 100

Kyle Murtfeld 100

Anthony Sherry 100


Glenwood Girls ALL Time Weightlifting Records


Devon Bomer 175

Sydney Biermann 160

Cera Gray 159


Sydney Biermann 313

Denna Fauble 270

Haley Palmer & Abi Schultz 253


Sydney Biermann 185

Haley Palmer 180

Cera Gray 180


Arianna Springer 8.7

Molly Dean 8.71

Marissa Ausdemore 8.74

Vertical Jump

Jillian Manley 28.8

Abi Schultz 28.1

Elle Scarborough 27.8

40 Yard Dash

Jaeda Wilson 5.18

Audrey Arnold 5.19

Molly Dean 5.19


Abby McIntyre 137

Danielle Hardcastle 137

Kate Kaufman 131

Pull Ups

Abby Lorimor 37.5

Miranda Ruth 35

Devon Bomer 32.5